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- I'm just a girl branching out into the world. For now, the virtual world; someday soon, the real world.

- I am also a fangirl. Rather discrete and unobtrusive, but I definitely have some fangirl moments. And I live vicariously through the characters in TV shows (because my life is soooo boring), so I'm also a shipper. Again, discrete and unobtrusive, but a bit obsessive.

- Now that I mention it, my friends HAVE mentioned that I'm kind of obsessive in general......

- As a hobby, I like to make icons. They're not very sophisticated, but then I'm a self-taught, learn-as-you-go kind of icon-maker... I’ll be posting my stuff on my journal sometime in the future. I don't always have a lot of free time (see below), but I AM available for personal requests. My experience in making banners and wallpapers is limited, and so they take longer to be done, but if you're willing to wait a little while, I can try my hand at those too!

- My branching out into the world and icon-making endeavors are sometimes hindered by school. I'm a 6th year medical student, so I'm doing my rotations at the hospital while also studying for my residency admittance exam, which will be in November 2012. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by everything that's being hurled at me and I disappear from the virtual world for a few days... I always end up coming back, though!

- My family life is complicated. SERIOUSLY complicated. And that's probably the understatement of the century... I'm trying to move past it and I'll try not to let it bleed into my journal, but on occasion I may end up venting. Just a heads up... Reading my rants is always optional, though!

- Mostly, I'm just looking forward to meeting some new people and learning some new things. So welcome to my journal! :)

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